Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Your iPad As A Synth And Sampler - Synth App

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Synth is a synthesizer-sampler application for the iPad. I've seen this application before but I was eager to find a video that could appeal to musicians.

Yes, there are a lot of iPad Synths and pianos out there but so far the videos are made by people who aren't really playing anything remotely musical.

The wait is over here's a nice video that can demonstrate the possibilities of this application.

The best part is that it turns the iPad into an instant sampler! 
This application has all the basics, modulation wheel, delay, distortion, it kind of reminds me of my dear Novation K-Station but with sampler!

Synth sells for just $ 0.99 USD. on the iTunes App Store. I am sure you can use this creatively in any musica production, or in a live situation (synth solo anyone?). I know it isn't a Moog Modular or anything but this thing sounds nice enough huh?
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