Sunday, April 4, 2010

The iPad a serious live music performance device - GrooveMaker

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Edit: There's a FREE version of this amazing app. Yes, free. Details below.

IK Multimedia one of the most respected music software companies has launched a series of apps for the iPhone and iPad called "GrooveMaker".

Ableton Live, you may officially feel threatened, this is going directly into your turf, electronic live music performance.

Check out GrooveMaker "House" in this video.

Or another one in the series called "Hip Hop" (basically the same principle, different samples).

Suddenly the iPad seems less of a toy huh? Of course, it's no portable workstation in which you will record and mix and master a song - so far...

Here is one screenshot from the App Store, is it me? or it looks somewhat Boss-Roland-Cakewalkish?:

GrooveMaker from IK Multimedia sells for $ 9.99 USD. 
These prices... you mean we don't have to cough up 200 to 500 dlls. for a drum machine anymore?  Talk about an intuitive interface! This is absolutely full of WIN. Keep them coming!

What, too expensive for you? Try the FREE VERSION then.
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